Product Name : Kid
Product Description

The kid's ski hardness is helpful tool in building your child's confidence and ability while he or she is learning to ski or snow board.

Product Introduction

How to use ?

1. First apply the Tip Holder to child's ski tips.

Thorougtly clean skis, then remove adhesive Velcro backing and apply to top of their ski tips.

Before using, left for 24 hours for best results.

2. Putting the harness to use, slide your child's arms through outside straps of the harness, just above the D-rings.

3. Next, adjust the side-release buckle in the front of the harness for a pre-adjusted fit and quick removal.

4. Adjust the shoulder straps and the cross-over strap divider so that the harness is snug, but not too tight.

5. Attach the retaining leash to outside D-rings for hand held control of skier or snowboarder.

6. Gently guide the child down the slope, while controlling thier speed and directiton from behind.